Siva Sundaresan
Global Director, Utility Vehicles at John Deere Agriculture and Turf Division

I have known John for over 10 years. John is a strategic thinker and has broad experience in Quality and Information Technologies. He is customer-focused and process-driven and goes the extra mile to ensure that he and his team deliver on their commitments. What I like in him is the fact that he is not afraid to inform his clients the process gaps they have and proactively suggest creative solutions to address them. I recommend him highly

Todd Rhoades
Global Account Manager at Parker Hannifin Corp

John was instrumental in propelling my manufacturing operations from the dark ages, in terms of quality tracking and management, and into the 21st century. The word "expert" does not adequately describe John's abilities...John goes way beyond that...

David Butler
Global Director Corporate Quality @ TI Automotive

I have worked with John, used his services and exchanged ideas on many occasions. John is the consummate professional and really knows quality well. John is one of the most ethical quality professionals I have dealt with and will tell you when he does not know the answer; which is not very often. I strongly recommend John Cachet and his organization; I am confident any new client would be totally satisfied with what he will provide.

Scott Gray
Experienced global quality leader, highly skilled problem solver in manufacturing and business processes @ AIAG

John was hired to provide software solutions consulting on a warranty business process improvement initiative. He was able to connect with a diverse group of engineering, quality, operations, and IT leaders. He challenged our conventional thinking, provided insights on the latest solution models, and assisted us with building a sound business case for the enterprise future state system.

Carl Duffield
Quality Management Professional

For more than two decades John has led the way with his creative and innovative software solutions. Driven to excellence, he has always recognized and listened to the voice of the customer. He engages his clients in a way that is both challenging and rewarding, and the result is always right on the mark. John has earned my respect and my trust.

Guy Rodgers
Director of Engine Sourcing and Quality at MTD Products

John's strategic vision and leadership was key in the development of our QMS systems, as well as, for the industry as a whole. John's passion for quality and innovation is what really separates him from his peers.

James Courage
Mgr. Quality & DBS at Delphi

John provided several quotes to our company for a complete quality management system that unfortunately we did not take advantage of. John did an excellent job considering our requirements when developing the ultimate proposal. Working with him was easy and his knowledge of the product and system was super.

John F. Lewis, Jr.
President & CEO at BioOhio

John has a strong knack for seeing where different industries are going, what companies needs are, problems in the market place, and how to take advantage of those opportunities. John works well with companies and guiding how to implement strategic change to make that division or that company more profitable. He also does this in such a non-assuming but competent manner, it is fun to work with John

Ed Mahoney
President at The E. E. Mahoney Group LLC (retired ABB)

I have known John personally and professionally for the past 20 years. He is one of the strongest systems thinkers that I know, readily stepping outside the box of the norm and into the Operational Excellence environment. Because of my personal relationship with John, I could not directly hire him, although I funded it. He was required to successfully convince several managers that he was the right person for our needs, and was strongly recommended by evaluation teams that lead to the hiring

Martin Wuensche
Manager of Quality Systems at Albemarle Inc.

I’ve known John since the early 90’s and interfaced with him through the years with regards to the software we purchased from his company. He is customer focused and knows quality and business systems in detail. He really cares about his customers and listens to them and acts on their suggestions for improvements in the product he sells. He is extremely intelligent and creative and has a high measure of common sense. These abilities allow him to address any complex issues that a customer might have in establishing workable quality and business systems

Joseph Kalt
Owner, Kalt Manufacturing Company

I've worked with John for many years. He's my go to guy when it comes to business and quality solutions. I could have checked all the boxes in the category above, "top Attributes". He has the knowledge, people, and resources to get the job done. I brought John and his group in on a major project over the last few months. I liked the organization, the communication, the teamwork, and their integrity. I was able to turn the project over to them and work with our customer directly with excellent results, completing the project, and compliments from our customer. Feel free to call or e-mail me if you would like any additional information

Carlos Galhardo
Program Manager Information Technology at SPX Cooling Technologies

I had the opportunity to work with John, being his customer while he was the CEO of IQS. John is a visionary on the Quality and Operation Excellence area and very responsive to customer needs. He drives process improvements first and uses software as a tool to support innovation. John has been very active and an important leadership driving business value and solutions in the Quality community

Paul Contoveros
Sr. Mgr., Quality Systems at PolyOne, Retired

John is a very forward-thinking person who is creative in ways to cause continual improvement. I have appreciated not only his work ethic and energy, but his thought-provoking concepts and new ways to address old problems. John Cachat has greatly helped my company by offering creative solutions to our quality management system measurement needs. John has always been responsive and open-minded and easy to do business with. John is a man of his word and can be trusted in any situation

Rich Peterson
Retired, Astro Manufacturing and Picker International

I have worked with John on and off for about 20 years. He is a very talented individual with outstanding insight to what makes a business perform to world class standards. John can quickly assess the situation and develop a plan. I highly recommend him!

John Sedlak
Lead Auditor at Smithers Quality Assessments

I have known John for about 10 years, and have been familiar with his products for over 12 years. His products are superb and he is a true professional, good listener, adaptable to client needs. He has a solid grasp of business issues and how they interact and affect business outcomes.

Cindy Olson
Experienced Leader of Professional Services for ERP Software

I've had the pleasure of working with John at KeyedIn Solutions. John has been able to apply his expertise in software development, quality management and business processing enabling us to bring a new product quicker to market. He also challenges the rest of us think about best practices in our strategic planning sessions to better streamline our efforts. John is a forward-thinker that will challenge any organization to improve and reach higher business objectives.

Kevin Prouty
Sr. VP of Research at Aberdeen Group

John is one of the world's experts in applying technology to quality management. I have worked with John while at several companies and whenever I need advice or action on quality issues, John is the first and the last on the list. He is also very easy to work with and doesn't talk down to non-quality people. His connections in the quality and manufacturing world are second to none.

Dennis Virag
Strategic thinker, top line/bottom line growth initiatives, business performance improvement, automotive, due diligence

As a strategic adviser to the automotive industry, I've seen John involved in critical business performance best practices discussions during a crucial period of process change. In addition to helping organizations solve immediate tactical issues, John engages people in discussing long term strategic issues. John’s help in defining the electronic transfer of information to support the new product launch process in the global automotive supply chain saved the industry a lot of money.

Pam Van Den Bussche, D.M
OD & Leadership Consultant/ Facilitator for Teambuilding & Communications – Productivity –Sales/ Speaker/ Coach

I highly recommend any company in need of improving business processes and technology to work with John Cachat. I had the opportunity to work with John several times as he helped our company on analyzing business processes to increase our productivity. His innovative enterprise technology solutions are truly state of the art and provide our executives with rapid access to data and information to dramatically increase communications for decision making

Scott Klonowski
Vice President of Information Systems at Therm-O-Disc, Inc.

Over the last 13 years I have worked with John on a number of high profile projects that encompassed a wide variety of business needs. He is the consummate professional that has the experience and “know-how” that all business people should show. He listens and understands the issues and then presents ideas and new ways of thinking that help organizations move to a new level. His good nature and innovative ideas are exactly what we needed and helped to build better processes. He strives to address the people and process needs and only then bring the proper technology solution. I have always enjoyed working with John and cannot endorse him enough. He is a true business innovator and thought leader who knows how to get things done

Romeo Elias
Experienced Software Executive, BPM Expert, Enterprise Sales Professional, Entrepreneur, Advisor, President at Interneer

I have worked with John for many years since his days at Silico. I have always found him to be with high integrity, thinks strategically, an expert in quality management software as well as business process management, helping companies focus on the key issues to improve the bottom line and achieve results. I highly recommend him!

Joe Onderko
President at TMG Performance Products

John has always been a "go to" resource for me. His vision for IQS made it the success that it is today. This has helped me tremendously. I look forward to working with John in his new capacity.

Patrick Coulbourne
Vice President, Enterprise Asset Management - Americas at Infor

John is a collaborative, results-oriented manager. His past experience and knowledge base is very deep and proves strategic in many situations. I truly enjoyed working 'across the aisle' with John to accomplish great results.

Nick Jones
IT Support Analyst

John provided new energy, ideas, and enthusiasm to the ASQ section. He was able to grow the 0814 Section as well as acquire new talent to help manage the program. I believe John is a valuable asset to any organization he is in or will be involved with in the future.

Tom Hileman
Managing Partner, Hileman Enterprises LLC

John is a visionary in the field of quality and quality management systems. He has a true passion and commitment to utilizing the best practices in quality to leverage business improvement and results. His level of expertise in this area is second-to-none. My knowledge and understanding of the ISO process was greatly enhanced by John's mentoring.

Debra Shumar
Owner, 3P Partners

John has been involved over the last 20 years in the Quality and Engineering space. John is a great communicator and a technologist who really does understand the strategic intent of focusing on what people do the processes they use and how technology supports these important functions. John's company supports the client first with what their needs are.

Terry Bishop
Independent Consultant

I have worked with John on a wide range of clients. While I was at Oracle, we worked with Automotive OEM's and major Tier One Automotive Suppliers. Later with IQS, we worked with companies very large and very small. Regardless of the client, from Corporate Executive to independent Owner, John has always demonstrated the ability to interact in a manner which relates to them. John’s focus is always on creating a solution with the client that will provide value by helping them solve their problem or reach their goal.

Dan Kasper
Coach, Counsel, and Consult with Leaders as the Biz Coach

John is a knowledgeable expert in the area of business systems. He is a great communicator that cans effectively work with all levels of the organization. I have worked with him over the years and plan to continue working with him in the future.

Patrick O'Malley
CFO at White Hat Management

John has always been ahead of the pack in terms of his understanding of quality management and information technology. From his development and sales of one of the first integrated quality management systems in the 80's and 90's to the next generation of people and process based systems in 2010 and going forward. John has a clear vision of where people, process and systems will be long before the market gets them there.

John F Petak
Technical Team Based Problem Solver

John Cachat is a true operational excellence professional that I first met in 1993 at a Tier One supplier that I was working at in SC. I invited him in to assess our systems in Quality, Production, and Logistics and Safety measureables. He gave sincere feedback on what needed to be improved. Personally I have attended John's workshops on quality documentation tracking and acquired new and better methods to respond to corrective actions to the customer. Would recommend John Cachat in his area of expertise to improve your processes, systems and culture.

Bob Davis
Independent Education Management Professional

John's thought processes on systems and system management was accelerated even in college. Since college John has proven himself as an innovative thinker, manager and implementer.

Dustin Klein
COO at Smart Business Network Inc.

I got to know John when he was CEO of IQS and found him a thoughtful executive who was able to explain complex technology and software issues in a succinct manner. For a young business journalist, it refreshing to have someone like John take the time to slow down and ensure you understood the processes and how things worked. In the years since then, I’ve found John to be a truly innovative and strategic thinker who is customer-focused in everything he does

Gerald Willnecker
Market Segment Manager at WardJet
As founder and Chairman of IQS, John was the go-to expert in the enterprise-level quality management field. His always-open-door policy and ability to translate complex theory into bite-sized, easily digestible laymen language made for great customer presentations that seconded as learning experiences for all of us who were selling the IQS product. I enjoyed every minute of my time working with John

Michael Haessly
Operations, Engineering and Quality Executive

I have known John for many years and respect his knowledge of business, IT and quality management systems. John was instrumental in the development and implementation of a superior software product, which allows companies to manage the complex data required to meet both business efficiency and regulatory requirements. Throughout his career he has assisted many companies in identifying and implementing both solutions to business problems and driving business improvements

Tom Wohlwender
Technology Executive

John is an innovator and pioneer. His experience in building solutions to industry problems is evident in his accomplishments. John has the unique ability to relate to customer issues, offer sincere solutions while building lasting business value.

Tom Medved
President and Martin Thermocouples

I have had the pleasure of working with John both as a client and as a service provider and have rarely found such a forward thinking individual.

James Bird
Technical Consultant, Implementation Services Healthcare at Hyland Software

Working with John is always a valuable learning experience. John is able to see not only the task in front of him, but what interactions that task will have in relation to the rest of an organization. Many of the principles that I apply to my everyday life, personal and working, come from ideas that originated with John.

Dave Doyle
Sr. Applications Consultant at QAD

No one understands the details that support a world class quality system better than John. He can get you to the results that you want, because he understands how to get there.

Rick Shields
at Simmons Pet Food, Inc.

Our company worked with John as we came out of a recall. He clearly recognized the opportunities of business integration and sold our company on this concept. He appreciated our financial status and tried to come up with creative, workable solutions to achieve our business needs which were unique relative to his existing customer portfolio. He was extremely customer-focused and passionate for the concepts he was positioning

Joe Smith
Operational Excellence & Quality Director at PolyOne, Retired

John Cachat has demonstrated a clear vision on how to help companies simplify systems to reduce cost and eliminate waste. I met John over 10 years ago and just recently was able to use his expertise in consolidating our various ISO9000 registrations into a single enterprise system, saving the organization a significant amount of time and money. John is also one of the few business process experts that clearly understands how to combine quality, environmental, health, safety, and Sarbanes Oxley compliance into a single enterprise system that delivers risk reduction at the same time as reducing compliance costs

Kreg Kukor
Supplier Quality Manager at DENSO MICHIGAN INC.

Over the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of working directly with John in a few different capacities customer supplier and partner. When a customer, John shared his wisdom regularly assuring the best possible solution was sought for our company. His interest went far beyond a sale to more of a passion for your success. As a Partner, I have shared the stage with John on a few occasions in public speaking forums regarding advanced Quality systems. John has always shared his knowledge for the betterment of the group in which he is sharing with. As a supplier, John has always acted in a fair manner bringing out the best in one self and seeking larger solution to assure benefit is to all

Russ Tucholski
Manufacturing Director @ Kennametal

I worked with John in the past specifically in the areas of quality engineering and continuous improvement. John is very open-minded and always offers new and creative ways to solve problems. John took pride in mentoring and teaching other around him and valued the success of the team he was a part of.